We are ShutterQube, based in Austin, TX - Your modern, digital photo booth company.
We are also available in Dallas, TX – Houston, TX – San Antonio, TX – Beamount,TX – Port Arthur, TX – Denver, CO – Los Angeles, CA – Providence, Rhode Island – Ottawa, Canada


Our Photo Qubes are a hit at every event, everytime!








As you may have noticed, our photo booths do not have the traditional look and feel. We built our booths to be a standalone, without the curtains and chairs so that you can fit more people into each photo! Otherwise known as an “Open Air Booth.”

Each booth houses a 19-inch LCD monitor with a live view display for you to see yourself as each picture is taken. It has two buttons, the left is to take the pictures, and the right gives the option of toggling between color or black and white images. On top you will see the soft box that has a built-in focus light with a powerful 250-watt strobe. On the side of the booth, you will see a slot where your new photos will be printed.

Set-up time is approximately 30-40 minutes. Once set up, the booth works on it’s own. Simply press the button, take your picture, and wait no longer than 17 seconds, as your image is printed and ready to be collected and shared.