Social Media

Steps to upload digital images for free via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS…………. from smart device

1. From your photo booth computer install and create free Dropbox account by clicking this link
2. Create a folder call “Social Media” in Dropbox (or what every you want to call it)
3. Now route digital output images from your photo booth software to the Social Media folder you just created
4. Once your photo booth program creates the folder, right click on the folder you want to share and click “Share Dropbox Link”
5. Now all you have to do is provide the guest the link for the share folder you just created
6. Guest can now save the share folder images to their phone and upload it anyway they want


Click below to see my 3 different examples of how you can provide the link to your guest


1.Dropbox link




3.Hyperlink image

click here copy